When the Pressure's On

The Secret to Winning When You Can't Afford to Lose

 When the Pressure's On

Author: Louis S. Csoka, Ph.D.
Pub Date: May 2016
Print Edition: $24.95
Print ISBN: 9780814436103
Page Count: 224
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814436110

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The Secret to Winning When You Can’t Afford to Lose

On the line to deliver bigger results with a smaller budget, overwhelmed with demands, carrying the weight of slacker teammates, grappling to keep up with technology, reeling from abrupt, unanticipated change… Sound familiar? Working under such conditions has become a common, everyday reality. Few people have the power to eliminate the causes of workplace stress or the luxury of being able to simply quit their job.

There’s another option—within everyone’s reach. “You can improve the way you respond to stress: physiologically, mentally and emotionally,” peak performance expert Louis S. Csoka, Ph.D. assures the readers. In WHEN THE PRESSURE’S ON: The Secret to Winning When You Can’t Afford to Lose (AMACOM; May 24, 2016; $24.95 Hardcover), Csoka shares his total brain-training program for success under duress at work and beyond.

When it comes to countering stress on the job, developing the right mindset matters more than strengthening any specific process. “An organization has to have the proper processes in place to function efficiently,” Csoka acknowledges. “But efficiency and effectiveness are very different from performance. What happens at a critical moment can greatly impact your business, and the reaction to the situation is determined by a human, not a process.”

Grounded in personal and professional experience, from the battlefield to the gridiron to the boardroom, WHEN THE PRESSURE’S ON presents a potent plan for growing mental strength. Focusing on five areas—goal setting, adaptive thinking, stress/energy management, attention control, and imagery—readers will gain the insights and skills to:

• Understand how to lay out clear objectives with a purpose and attainable benchmarks for achieving them.

• Cultivate a positive, deliberate, and adaptive thought process to handle sudden transitions and turmoil with confidence and self-assurance.

• Build an increased capacity for situational awareness, mental agility, learned instinct, and calm and self-control under extreme conditions.

• Develop a razor-sharp focus and sustain concentration amidst relentless distractions.

• Visualize success and then make it happen…and more.

Packed with fascinating findings from neuroscience and biofeedback, WHEN THE PRESSURE’S ON offers guidance through self-assessments, exercises, and real-life examples. Drawn from the military, history, sports, and business, stories of success under stress include General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s D-Day Invasion triumph, Captain “Sully” Sullenberger’s acclaimed safe landing of a disabled plane on the icy Hudson, NFL kicker Billy Cundiff’s impressive comeback after being released by the Atlanta Falcons, and Bill Gates’ phenomenal rebound after being rejected by IBM, among others.

In today’s business world, nearly everyone faces uncertainty, upheaval, and demands to pull off incredible feats against daunting odds. By following the Louis Csoka’s brain-building plan, everyone who deals with stress will get a commanding edge on success with more peace of mind.

About the Author

LOUIS S. CSOKA, PH.D., has specialized in teaching performance under pressure for more than 30 years, starting as a cadet at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a soldier in Vietnam. As a Professor of Psychology & Leadership at West Point, he adapted sports psychology to the demands of the military and founded the school’s pioneering Center for Enhanced Performance. He now serves as President of Apex Performance, which trains clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to professional athletes. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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